Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Simple steps on how to make money selling books on Amazon

Like i always advice people that for you to make money online you must either sell a product or render services. One of the most legitimate and profitable online business is selling books online. One of the best online marketplaces you can sell your books is amazon. Today amazon has millions of customers that purchase books online on a daily basis. Selling your books on amazon is a very good and legitimate way to earn a decent income online. There are a lot of Topics you can easily research on and write on. The following are some of the Niche/topics you can write on:
-         Acne
-         Weight loss
-         Prayers
-         Adoption
-         ADHD
-         Anxiety
-         Back pain
-         Archaeology
-         Anti Aging
-         Hair Loss
-         Yoga
-         Time Management
-         Stop Smoking
-         Skincare
-         Marriage Advice
-         Make Money
-         Investing
There are a lot of topics you can research on and write on. One good thing about this online business is that you don’t even need to promote your books before you make sales. Your job is to publish your book and leave the rest for amazon. Amazon has two publishing format which are kindle format and paperback. If you really understand how this business works you will really make a lot of dollars just by publishing your books on amazon. We have an E-book guide that will guide you on how you can start earning a decent income online just by publishing your books on amazon. This E-book will really guide you on how you can properly format your books to meet up with amazon standard.
The E-book is #4000

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